Countdown to Christmas

One of our social media clients, Royal Design Studio, works frequently with both DIY and Design bloggers.  They also have some of the more innovative social media programs and promotions for their fans, blog readers and customers. We wanted to let you know of a great promotion they are running, Countdown to Christmas, where, for 10 days through December 24th, they will feature a different stencil per day with an incredible 50% off savings for everyone.  The promotion is being shared on their Facebook page, Twitter account and Pinterest boards.

This is the graphic design for today’s chosen stencil pattern!

Royal Design Studio is the leading designer of wall stencils online — along with stenciling supplies, decorative painting tools and techniques for faux painting, virtual workshops and stenciling educational resources for professional decorative painters, interior designers and home decorators. Do be sure to follow their accounts as they have quite a few new and innovative social media promotions and ideas for 2013!

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