FlBlogCon 2014 Recap

My sister, Suzanne Mora, and myself attend lots of DIY and Design conferences yearly and usually on behalf of our clients or when teaching social media and blogging workshops. So, it was a pleasure to recently spend time at the FLBlogCon as an attendee – and it did not disappoint. The schedule was packed with great topics and we ended up taking several social media and blog outreach sessions.

FlBlogCon Kicks Off!

The location of the conference was the Full Sail Live venue at Full Sail University – what an incredible setting! From state of the art tech to tables with built-in electric outlets to an incredible sound system, it was the perfect venue with rooms that allowed for plenty of seating. The keynote speaker was the effervescent Ted Murphy from IZEA. [Funnily enough, the first blog conference I ever attended was IZEAFest back in 2008.] He had quite a bit to share about the relationships between blogs and brands.

FlBlogCon 2014 at Full Sail Live

Ted Murphy of IZEA talks about Brands and Bloggers

The first session was about Branding Your Blog and the teachers were Anthony Bencomo of Deli Fresh Threads and Robin Draper of Authentic Florida. The overall idea was to keep the focus of your brand firmly in mind when creating your brand materials. Your branding should flow across all channels and be consistent with your vision. Keeping to this, Mr. Bencomo left us a sweet Thank You note with more information on his blog as well as local coupons — all in a sandwich bag with his message on a check. Perfect branding example, no?

Digital Fresh Threads and Authentic Florida on Branding Your Blog

Great Blog Branding by Anthony Bencomo of Deli Fresh Threads

Next up was the session Suzy and I were really into, Bloggers & Brands by Sunshine Baker of Sunshine State Shopping. We help partner bloggers and our clients daily and it was refreshing to hear another take on the subject – it was a fantastic session. I really enjoyed how she balanced both worlds – what a blogger is looking for as well as a brand. Most of these sessions that I attend are heavy into what should happen for a blogger while I sometimes think part of the focus should be on how to make your blog more attractive to a brand as well. [I live that daily!]

The lovely Sunshine Baker teaching a session on Blog & Brand Relationships

Next up on the subject of Instagram was the lovely Nicole Siscaretti from Sparkly Ever After. [LOVED her sparkly maxi skirt. Ahem. I digress.] I took good notes on running Giveaways, Surveys and Photo Challenges.  She also had a lot to share for those just starting on Instagram.

Learning the Basics of Instagram with Nicole Siscaretti of Sparkly Ever After

Katy Widrick of Growing Bolder was a smash teaching the Newsletter Marketing session. Great insights and fab presentation style. I also loved what she said about attitudes in general about learning: “If someone says they know everything about social media, run!” – and I agree. That’s why it’s so important to attend conferences yearly. You may think you know, but there is always something new to take in, some guidance to learn from, some expert advice that enhances your business or blog.

Katy Widrick on the Benefits of E-Mail Marketing

We finished up with a course on Google+ with Greg Trujillo and Carolyn Capern of CT Social – they were a fun duo with a lot of insider information to share. I had to laugh at their first slide with quotes on many people’s reaction to when you say ‘Google Plus’ – I’ve heard them all, too. It was good to learn more about Hangouts on Air as well. [Oh, and they support Harbor House, too. Made them über-cool in my book.]

Carolyn Capern of CT Social Teaching the Benefits of Google Plus

FlBlogCon Workshop 2014

At this point, we had to leave and so didn’t enjoy the end party – really bummed about that as it looked like it was fun! I hope you consider attending next year’s event and please be sure to click on the links provided to discover more people and cool companies. I’m looking forward to keeping up with them myself!

Thank You FLBlogCon

Thank YOU, FLBlogCon!

I hope you’ve enjoyed this FlBlogCon recap – be sure to also check out their new venture, Gotta Get Blogging. This week I’m off traveling again! I head to Texas for the IDAL Conference to speak on both Social Media and Blogging. I’ll be sure to let you know more about that. :) Talk soon!

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