FlBlogCon 2014 Recap

My sister, Suzanne Mora, and myself attend lots of DIY and Design conferences yearly and usually on behalf of our clients or when teaching social media and blogging workshops. So, it was a pleasure to recently spend time at the FLBlogCon as an attendee – and it did not disappoint. The schedule was packed with great topics and we ended up taking several social media and blog outreach sessions.

FlBlogCon Kicks Off!

The location of the conference was the Full Sail Live venue at Full Sail University – what an incredible setting! From state of the art tech to tables with built-in electric outlets to an incredible sound system, it was the perfect venue with rooms that allowed for plenty of seating. The keynote speaker was the effervescent Ted Murphy from IZEA. [Funnily enough, the first blog conference I ever attended was IZEAFest back in 2008.] He had quite a bit to share about the relationships between blogs and brands.

FlBlogCon 2014 at Full Sail Live

Ted Murphy of IZEA talks about Brands and Bloggers

The first session was about Branding Your Blog and the teachers were Anthony Bencomo of Deli Fresh Threads and Robin Draper of Authentic Florida. The overall idea was to keep the focus of your brand firmly in mind when creating your brand materials. Your branding should flow across all channels and be consistent with your vision. Keeping to this, Mr. Bencomo left us a sweet Thank You note with more information on his blog as well as local coupons — all in a sandwich bag with his message on a check. Perfect branding example, no?

Digital Fresh Threads and Authentic Florida on Branding Your Blog

Great Blog Branding by Anthony Bencomo of Deli Fresh Threads

Next up was the session Suzy and I were really into, Bloggers & Brands by Sunshine Baker of Sunshine State Shopping. We help partner bloggers and our clients daily and it was refreshing to hear another take on the subject – it was a fantastic session. I really enjoyed how she balanced both worlds – what a blogger is looking for as well as a brand. Most of these sessions that I attend are heavy into what should happen for a blogger while I sometimes think part of the focus should be on how to make your blog more attractive to a brand as well. [I live that daily!]

The lovely Sunshine Baker teaching a session on Blog & Brand Relationships

Next up on the subject of Instagram was the lovely Nicole Siscaretti from Sparkly Ever After. [LOVED her sparkly maxi skirt. Ahem. I digress.] I took good notes on running Giveaways, Surveys and Photo Challenges.  She also had a lot to share for those just starting on Instagram.

Learning the Basics of Instagram with Nicole Siscaretti of Sparkly Ever After

Katy Widrick of Growing Bolder was a smash teaching the Newsletter Marketing session. Great insights and fab presentation style. I also loved what she said about attitudes in general about learning: “If someone says they know everything about social media, run!” – and I agree. That’s why it’s so important to attend conferences yearly. You may think you know, but there is always something new to take in, some guidance to learn from, some expert advice that enhances your business or blog.

Katy Widrick on the Benefits of E-Mail Marketing

We finished up with a course on Google+ with Greg Trujillo and Carolyn Capern of CT Social – they were a fun duo with a lot of insider information to share. I had to laugh at their first slide with quotes on many people’s reaction to when you say ‘Google Plus’ – I’ve heard them all, too. It was good to learn more about Hangouts on Air as well. [Oh, and they support Harbor House, too. Made them über-cool in my book.]

Carolyn Capern of CT Social Teaching the Benefits of Google Plus

FlBlogCon Workshop 2014

At this point, we had to leave and so didn’t enjoy the end party – really bummed about that as it looked like it was fun! I hope you consider attending next year’s event and please be sure to click on the links provided to discover more people and cool companies. I’m looking forward to keeping up with them myself!

Thank You FLBlogCon

Thank YOU, FLBlogCon!

I hope you’ve enjoyed this FlBlogCon recap – be sure to also check out their new venture, Gotta Get Blogging. This week I’m off traveling again! I head to Texas for the IDAL Conference to speak on both Social Media and Blogging. I’ll be sure to let you know more about that. :) Talk soon!

Paint + Pattern

Hello!  As you know, three of the BIG loves we have around here are Decorative Painting, DIY and Interior Design. So, can you imagine our joy at learning about the new Paint + Pattern blog?  Yeah. Well, the news gets more exciting because I am going to be a regular contributor!  I used to blog about all things decorative painting over at Fauxology and now I get to do that here and over at Paint + Pattern.  Some around here (me) is Mega Happy….

Contributor Badge 1

There’s going to be a whopper of gorgeous visuals coming your way, informative posts, beautiful digs, exotic locations, incredible decorative projects…really, anything and everything Paint + Pattern.  Just this month alone, I’m talking to artists Ali Kay and Caroline Lizarraga as well as designer Irene Turner, chatting about stenciling a fabric finish with blogger Hello Lovely, doing a feature on (my fave) Marcel Wanders and MORE.

I’m also going to posting again here on the SociaColor blog and we’ll be featuring social marketing, creative artists, beautiful finds and all the über-cool things going on with my clients…oh, I’m SO happy to get on the keyboard again like I used to for my beloved Fauxology.  Let me know what you think about Paint + Pattern — and I hope to see you come around here more often, too!

:) Regina


Claiming Your Place For Facebook Check-Ins

Claiming a Facebook Place allows users with smartphones to “check-in” where they are, which then shows up on their wall so family and friends can see what they’re up to. If you have a Facebook Page for your business you can claim your Facebook Place as well.  This raises your online visibility and will help you appear higher on searches when Facebook fully launches their Graph Search.

When you choose the Local Business or Place option on Facebook Page’s categories, you’ll be able to take advantage of Facebook’s Location feature. Check out this article on Claiming Your Place to ensure that when someone walks in to your location they can check in via Facebook.

How about enticing people to visit your location? Create a Facebook check-in deal to not only encourage them to check in but to also enjoy special savings. Using Location-based services, your company can tap into that on-the-go market by producing special offers and making it easy for your customers to spread the word about your business. Check-in Deals are based on people’s Facebook check-ins when they visit your business.

You can run check-in deals across multiple store locations and create different types of deals to achieve different business objectives. Check-in Deals are currently free to create. We hope this has helped you! Please feel free to comment and share your thoughts with us!

Cheat Sheet for Facebook Sizes and Dimensions

Have you ever looked at Facebook and wondered what the size requirements were for all of the great images you see? Cover photos, highlight pics and Facebook ad images are just a few of the many photos you can display for optimal exposure and we’ve found a great resource to help keep track of all of them!

Priit Kallas from Dreamgrow put together this wonderful Cheat Sheet for Facebook sizes and dimensions which can come in handy when setting up and maintaining your Facebook pages. Click the photo above to go directly to the visual reference which shows you exactly what each area of a page requires. Now we can get back to enjoying Facebook in all of its visual glory!


Social Media Trends 2013

It seems as if there’s something new popping up every day in social media, doesn’t it?  It’s a job just to keep on top of all the updates and changes! There are, however, a few key directions to keep in mind especially in the light that social media usage has increased by 37% in the last year alone!  Add to that the growing use of cell phones for on-the-go information access and you can see why knowing more on what is trending is so important.

One of the main takeaways is that mobile usage is not slowing down.  Fast company lists it as their No. 1 mention in their Can’t Miss Social Trends of 2013.  More and more people are connecting to the Internet and staying for longer amounts of time. In fact, Pinterest alone saw a gain of 1,047% in the last year and overall, social media users had a positivity rating of 76% after spending time online. Business2Community also had a great article on the 2012 Social Media Report and citing that consumers enjoy and value social customer service from a business.

Social Media is much like a television supporting several channels, each streamlined to your particular interests. It can help with your human resources efforts, identify new clients and/or customers, add a platform to share your new services and/products provide a direct line to your consumers by answering their questions, concerns and honoring their brand loyalty.  If you keep the directions in mind – increased mobile usage, new advertising platforms, using social data to interpret and streamline your efforts and a strong shift to visual content — what is labeled a trend could lead to stronger staying power for your company.

Countdown to Christmas

One of our social media clients, Royal Design Studio, works frequently with both DIY and Design bloggers.  They also have some of the more innovative social media programs and promotions for their fans, blog readers and customers. We wanted to let you know of a great promotion they are running, Countdown to Christmas, where, for 10 days through December 24th, they will feature a different stencil per day with an incredible 50% off savings for everyone.  The promotion is being shared on their Facebook page, Twitter account and Pinterest boards.

This is the graphic design for today’s chosen stencil pattern!

Royal Design Studio is the leading designer of wall stencils online — along with stenciling supplies, decorative painting tools and techniques for faux painting, virtual workshops and stenciling educational resources for professional decorative painters, interior designers and home decorators. Do be sure to follow their accounts as they have quite a few new and innovative social media promotions and ideas for 2013!

A Day of Silence

Today, many of the fellow lifestyle bloggers we work with are joining in a day of silence for Newtown. This is a tragedy, I believe, that we all feel personally.  Our hearts go out to the victims, their families and loved ones, the first responders and those who are, still now, sifting through the aftermath.  Most of us have felt this so deeply and hugged our own loved ones tighter, appreciated the moments more and wanted to send comfort, love and support to all those affected.  Our hearts, love, thoughts and prayers are with the Newtown families — today and every day.

Finding an Image Source

“Giving credit where credit is due” is always a good adage.  It works for most, if not all, situations in life and that extends to online etiquette as well.  For instance, in a site such as Pinterest, one can get lost in a sea of gorgeous images — in fact, I do all the time!  When you pin, I feel it is important to provide as much information as possible. This would include location, photographer, designer, blogger, artist and/or publication.  But how to actually find the information you’d like to share when you are faced with an image that has a bad link and no information to be found?

I wrote this post for our other blog, Fauxology, and it is still relevant today.  The tutorial has step-by-step instructions on finding the source of an image and it relates to any and all images, not just on Pinterest. For instance, this is a useful tool to use when writing a blog post or adding images for your fans to see on your company’s Facebook and Google+ pages and/or your Twitter and Tumblr accounts, to name a few.  I hope it proves helpful — and please, do leave any questions you may have!


Hello — and welcome to SociaComm!  We’ll be blogging about Social Media and Online Marketing!

Look forward to hearing from you and helping to share information!