Social Media Trends 2013

It seems as if there’s something new popping up every day in social media, doesn’t it?  It’s a job just to keep on top of all the updates and changes! There are, however, a few key directions to keep in mind especially in the light that social media usage has increased by 37% in the last year alone!  Add to that the growing use of cell phones for on-the-go information access and you can see why knowing more on what is trending is so important.

One of the main takeaways is that mobile usage is not slowing down.  Fast company lists it as their No. 1 mention in their Can’t Miss Social Trends of 2013.  More and more people are connecting to the Internet and staying for longer amounts of time. In fact, Pinterest alone saw a gain of 1,047% in the last year and overall, social media users had a positivity rating of 76% after spending time online. Business2Community also had a great article on the 2012 Social Media Report and citing that consumers enjoy and value social customer service from a business.

Social Media is much like a television supporting several channels, each streamlined to your particular interests. It can help with your human resources efforts, identify new clients and/or customers, add a platform to share your new services and/products provide a direct line to your consumers by answering their questions, concerns and honoring their brand loyalty.  If you keep the directions in mind – increased mobile usage, new advertising platforms, using social data to interpret and streamline your efforts and a strong shift to visual content — what is labeled a trend could lead to stronger staying power for your company.

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